4 Ways To Get More Free Instagram Followers in 2020

Instagram announced that after this year’s changes in the algorithm, the functioning of the application will be noticeably better. According to the data, users can now see 90% more content in their feed and spend more time in the application.

A chronological display of posts on Instagram made it easier to plan brand activities on this platform.

Now that the algorithm works in a completely different way, the strategies that we, put together for this platform, should also change and take into account their changes. So how does the algorithm work? A quick reminder below.

First of all, the visibility of posts depends on three factors, which are selected for a specific account and influence the content displayed in it.

There are also additional factors on the basis of which Instagram determines the importance of posts in the feed:

  • frequency – if you open the application and refresh the feed frequently, you will see the latest posts because Instagram wants you to be up to date. If you’re an occasional guest, he’ll want to show you the best posts since the last time you visited the app.
  • The number of people watched – if a user is watching multiple accounts, not all the posts will reach him or her, and Instagram will choose the best one for him or her.
  • usage – the application checks how much time we devote to reading a given post and whether we are users, who scroll the application without engaging, or rather read long entries and stop attention to them.

The algorithm takes into account:

  1. Interests – Instagram remembers the posts we get involved in: we leave hearts or comments, reads also hashes under them in this way “learning” the user, to whom in the future will show in the first place similar content;
  2. refreshing – the latest posts are a priority;
  3. relations – the application assesses the degree of closeness of the person adding the post with the user who is to be its recipient. If in the past there was an interaction with a given person, you left comments, and even you are marked in a common photo, the person automatically receives a higher position in your ranking, and his/her posts will be displayed more often and higher.

4 Methods To Get More Followers On Instagram For Free

Always Give Value

Maybe it will sound exaggerated, but I believe that in the era of scrolling and refreshing the application every few seconds, our commitment in the form of reaction deserves only brands that will give us a specific value.

Think about what your company can give to its customers by using this platform. Yes, every industry is able to give some value, although it is known that in every case it can be personalized to our target. For example, an efficient marketing magazine gives value in the form of daily live news.

Thanks to this, marketers, while making a press release, do not have to dig through foreign sites and are the first to be informed about the key changes. This is a specific value for the recipient.

Define Your Goal

If you want your brand’s posts to reach the audience, you must have not only an idea for a strategy for action on this platform but also a clearly defined goal.

Many brands still treat Instagram as an additional tool, putting Facebook on the pedestal. It often happens that company accounts are set up because brands are aware of the importance of this platform, but their functioning does not translate into results, because it is not taken into account at all when developing a marketing strategy.

This is a mistake. If you intend to appear on Instagram, specify the purpose of the platform for your brand. Big fashion and beauty brands feel like a fish in the water on Instagram, but this does not mean that these less “sexy” industries do not exist on the platform.

However, the key is to have a goal that we want to achieve by conducting activities here. Whether Instagram is to be a place to use user engagement content, show brand activities from the kitchen or just to act as a call to action.

After tracing a really large number of profiles I find that all of them gather many committed followers simply have a well-thought-out marketing strategy – there is no room for randomness or communication chaos.

Use engaging questions – for every post

If you want to learn the good practices of Instagram, look at the influencers, because they do it well.

When you analyze your favorite profiles – especially those with a lot of followers – you will notice that the instablogers end each fast with an engaging question. Often this is a question that is not necessarily related to a photo. However, it is so general that every recipient wants to share his or her experience.

Remember that we love to “give advice” – if you ask for a good restaurant, professional reading or ask for a pram recommendation for your child, the number of comments is likely to increase satisfactorily. Fans’ involvement is growing, and by responding to your comments, you generate higher ranges for your post, which will be caught by Instagram’s algorithm.

Create extensive content

Influencers with the highest number of fans often make extensive posts. Interested in the content, the recipient keeps his attention on the post longer. This is very well perceived by the algorithm, which takes into account how much the post has absorbed us.

In addition to interactions in the form of a left heart or comment, other factors also count, such as sharing posts in a direct message by users. This shows that the content is somehow important (if users want to share it).

Of course, it is worth taking care of the quality of the content and its value for the recipient – when creating a post, remember about the context. Below is a small download, which can be helpful when working on a new post.

You can view private Instagram profiles as well as their photo and videos at Just following simple steps you can get access to a private Instagram profile anonymously.